Our Indian Herbs

Thanks to our network in India we can offer you a wide range of herbs which grow in this region, notably used in ayurvedic medicine. The producers we work with grow their herbs along the strictest organic standards and also with respect to their workers.

All of our manufacturing and extracting partners are certified ISO 9001, ISO 22000,  GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and Organic Farming.

5HTP95% and 99% 5HTP  
Aloe Vera200:1. 50% Polysaccharides √Powder
Amla/ Amalaki30% Tanins Extract
Andrographis/ Kalmegh10%, 50% Andrographaloïdes √Powder and Extract
Ashwagandha2.5% Withanoloides √Powder
Bacopa Monnieri20%, 25% Bacosides Extract
Bambou75% Silice Extract
Basilic Sacré/ Tulsi 2.5% Acides Ursoliques, 10%, 20% Tanins  √Powder
Bilva/ Aegle Marmelos 10% Tanins √Powder and Extract
Boswellia serrata30%, 65% Acides Boswelliques Extract
Bromelaine1200, 2400, 2500 GDU  
Café vert45%, 50%, 60% Acides Chlorogéniques    
Centella asiatica20% Triterpenes I Asialicosides Extract
Coleus Forskohlii10%, 20% Forskolines  
Curcuma Longa95% CurcuminesPowder and Extract
Fenugrec60% Saponines Stéroidiennes   
Garcinia Cambogia60% de HCA  
Gingembre10% Gingerols √Powder
Guggul2,5% Guggulsterones  
Gymnema Sylvestre25%, 75% Acides Gymnémiques √Powder and Extract
Moringa Oleifera20%, 60% Protéines, 10:1 Ratio  
Mucuna Pruriens50% L-dopa √Powder
Neem7.5% Bitters √Powder
Poivre Noir2%, 95% Piperines  
Réglisse (Glycyrrhiza Glabra)20% Glycyrrhizines  
Senna3%, 60% Sennosides  
Shatavari25%, 50% Saponines  √Powder and Extract
Stévia60% Glycosides de stéviol  
Thé vert50% EGCG, 95% Polyphénols  
Tribulus Terrestris20% Protodioscines   
Triphala45% Tannins √Powder and Extract
Valériane0,8% Acides Valéréniques